WAFU® Original Sesame Light Dressing 9.8 fl oz

Try our light sesame dressing.  More than half the fat and calories of our Wafu® Original Sesame dressing. 

Our lower-fat sesame dressing has the creamy, nutty taste of roasted sesame oil.  Made with authentic, high quality Japanese ingredients, Wafu®'s light sesame dressing contains no colors or artificial flavors, has no trans fat, is cholesterol-free, dairy-free, low in sodium and is gluten-free.

Wafu Japanese Salad Dressings

Dress, dip, and marinate with Wafu® Japanese Salad Dressings.

Try our delicious WAFU® Japanese Salad Dressings. Products that bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your kitchen.

Available in Original Sesame, Original Sesame LIGHT, Ginger Carrot and Wasabi Edamame.